P1050164With a cup of tea lightened with milk, dusted with cinnamon, and laced with French Vanilla extract, I sat sipping the brew in total silence. The pause was pure pleasure.

It was a time sitting with only Christ on my mind. My soul felt as warm and comfortable as the creamy brew. The silence was refreshing because I could hear myself think as my eyes roamed the room that Christ so graciously provides.

Pictures of family awaken a prayer within for each one that lifts them up before the King of kings. Nick-knacks and figurines remind me of the friends that gave me these things with a special meaning that’s just between us. In the quietness inside myself, I shouted without moving lips, “Thank You, God for family and friends that last a life time.”

Then with another sip of the now cooled brew, my eyes looked at the books that lined the shelves. Some books are vertical and others lay horizontal. They looked like colorful ribbons with one line messages that called me to pick them up. Black and white notebook binders on more shelves have titles that remind me of messages I teach. They call me to read the treasured cards stuffed inside from people whose lives God has allowed me to reach. My soul sighed while the Holy Spirit translated thanks once more.

How can one be alone with the Spirit of God living within, a teacup in hand, and eyes to see the riches of family, friends, and writers of books and cards? All spoke to me yesterday in the dark morning hour while sipping a cup of tea in a pause of pure pleasure.

May your New Year be filled with pleasurable pauses in Christ’s uplifting presence!

Rejoicing in Jesus,


Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; His love endures forever. ~ Psalm 106:1