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I’m tired.

I know you’re tired, too.

I know this because I see it written in your blogs, your Tweets, and your Facebook posts. Just today, as I sat down to try to catch up on email missed while helping care for my elderly in-laws, I opened blog post after blog post with the same refrain, written in different words.

“In overload…”

“Slow down…”

“Urgent prayer request…”


“I’m weary…”

And the one that finally triggered this post: “Come to me…”

As I write this blog for you, dear Christian speaker, I write with a heavy heart for both of us. Jesus says:

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”
Matthew 11:28

And yet, we’re still weary and burdened beyond belief.

We know and love the Savior. We know and love the One who takes the weary and the burdened and gives them rest. And yet we often choose chaos over peace, heaviness over joy, and fear over confidence that He can deliver what He promises.

And it all begins when we choose to stay where we are…when He says, “Come….”

Today, Nan Jones posted this beautiful message from our Savior, as written and delivered by Kari Jobe. Would you take 6 minutes to close your eyes, open your hearts, and worship?

Weary one…broken one…burdened one…please join me in giving up the struggle and answering His invitation to “Come….”

Grace and peace,


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