As Christian Communicators, we are ambassadors for Christ with voices bringing God glory through a variety of platforms. However, getting bookings requires us to reach out and knock on a lot of doors to be invited in to speak our message. Recently, I’ve been reminded of this discipline as I feel the throb of pain of having knocked on many strangers’ doors.

Seven months ago, Vonda had asked that we pray about a certain direction for Christian Communicators. While in prayer, God gave me something else. I was pressed to write out a full plan for preparing students for college and careers!

“But Lord, I’m here for Christian Communicators. Please give me direction here.” Though my mind wanted to stay on the CC topic, what poured from my pen was different. So I gave in with a simple prayer of surrender, “OK, show me.”

He did — with a full vision right down to the people who should be involved.

Yes, Vonda and I were able to meet the need to continue to improve our service to the CC community. God was so good. He just gave me more than I asked for. How awesome is our God?

However, taking this new platform from a plan on paper to face-to-face audience deliveries required a calm commitment and dedicated work. Cynthia Owens and I applied what Vonda and I teach at the CC conferences. We created a website, one sheets, seminar material, workshops and more. With joy and amazement the foundation was built in less than seven months. This was done with discipline, extraordinary reliance on God, full trust in Him and the five Ps.

The five Ps are prayer, purpose, preparation, partnerships and postage.  If you are starting a new platform or needing to add polish to your present platform for gaining bookings, then I would suggest looking into the five Ps.

Prayer:Everything taken before the throne will be heard.

Suggested reading: The Bible

Purpose: Create a purpose statement/mission statement so that everything you do can be compared to the purpose statement. This saves wasted time on bunny trails.

Suggested reading: The Path~ Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for Life by Laurie Beth Jones

Preparation: Gathering information and laying the foundation for a steel construction platform foundation will give confidence and strength when storms come your way.

Suggested reading: Her Corner Office by Trudy Bourgeois

Partnerships: Linking with associations, organization, and services are places where new connections can become your walking-talking bill boards which promote you and your platform.

Suggested reading: How to Connect in Business in 90 Seconds or Less by Nicholas Boothman

Postage: Follow up with hard copy thank you cards or update note cards. By putting a tangible item before people you make yourself memorable. It’s more difficult to throw away a card than to hit delete on a key board.

Suggested reading: Present Yourself with Impact: Techniques for Success by Caryl Winter

Getting bookings is like taking hold of an old water pump and priming it with free engagements at first to bring up a continuous flow of opportunities. However, constantly pumping out your information will result in an overflow from your efforts, commitment and determination.  Christian Communicators was and still is built up with discipline, faithfulness, and commitment to Christ to glorify God in our service of educating, validating and launching women in their speaking ministries. We are door knockers for Christ. Thank you for stopping by today.

Uplifting blessings,


Come unto Me, all you who are weary ad burdened, I will give you rest.

~ Matthew 11:28