The ladies looked lovely as they walked

into the softly lit room with decked out tables awaiting them with tea cups, linen napkins and sparkling flatware.

It was a time to steep in fellowship. A time to put into practice the graces needed as speaking ambassadors for Christ. This was a time to pause from the overwhelming deluge of information and affirmation gained so far at the Christian Communicators conference.

For the Cove, it was a first too! This was their first service of a formal afternoon tea. They hosted the event on the third floor of the Billy Graham Training Center in front of a wall of windows looking out into a mountain in the heart of Asheville, North Carolina. The long table tempted us with multi-tiers of fancy sandwiches in bite size shapes, flakey quiche tarts, chocolate covered strawberries next to other delicious sweet treats and the moistest scones I’ve ever eaten.

The tea time event and fellowship was a wonder to behold and be part of. I continue to praise the Lord for it.

However, when I returned home, had a full night’s sleep, steeped my morning cup of tea, I stopped before sipping the tea or opening the Bible for devotions. I just paused in God’s presence with gratitude.

What brewed in my heart was that He brought the ladies to the table. He built the center. He gifted the staff and volunteers at the Cove. He is preparing a banquet table for all of His saints when He calls us to His great wedding feast.

Then the Lord reminded me of those who weren’t physically walking into that tea room to fellowship, feast, or pause with us, yet were very much a part of the moment. You dear Christian Communicators’ prayer warriors, made this peaceful moment in the soft lit room a reality. Vonda and I say, “Thank you. ”

Courtesy of Patsy Rae Dawson

Uplifting blessings,


Let God be exalted. Psalm 70:4


(Unless otherwise noted, photos courtesy of Randy Cox, The Cove)