Life is like a roller coaster ride.

We have a choice to get on the roller coaster of life or stay on the known platform of no thrills, no growth, and no change.

If we decide to be risk-takers who step forward and take a seat, our hearts begin to beat with rushing anticipation.

With each click, click, click that takes us up the first incline, breaths begin to be drawn in deep into the bottom of our lungs that fills to the brim at the same time the coaster cars reaches the crest of acceleration.

As the joined cars plunge into the first vertical valley, screams pour out of those in the lead car.

Real thrill seekers in the last few seats raise their hands above their heads with laughter emptying their lungs before the next inhale on the second set of clicks climbing to greater heights.

However, just like life, the ride isn’t just a bunch of ups and downs. No, there are learning curves along the way. Some of the curves jerk us left or right at break-neck speeds. It’s when we learn to lean into a learning curve that we can begin to breathe easier before the next climb or drop in life.  The more we learn to breathe in the ups, downs, and curves in life, we don’t scream as much while enjoying the ride.

When the last curving dip takes us to the end of the ride, we get out on a different platform. We’re changed.

We, adventurers in life, step forward willing to ride the peaks, valleys and learning curves of life. The screaming, breathing and learning are memorable parts of a roller coaster ride as life too creates such times if we choose to participate in learning curves.

Uplifting blessings,


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Keep me safe, O God, for in You I take refuge. ~ Psalm 16:1