Do you have a skyrocket partner that you can always rely upon when asked to give an unexpected talk? Or do you know how to outshine the competition with a proven method in answering almost any interview question?

Here is a firecracker way to guide you in delivering an impromptu speech. If you go blank for a moment, mentally start spelling the word “stars.” Each letter will represent the outline of your talk. The outline guide will look like this:

 S =  Situation                             (the topic of your talk or interview question)         

T =  Task(s)                                   (what needs to be done or the objective)

A =  Action(s)                             (action steps taken or to take)

R =  Result(s)                             (what was the outcome or state the proven outcome)

S =  Story of proof                     (tell a story that proves your S.T.A.R. point)

 My story of proof that shows this method works took place when I was going through a three day interview with a company in Denver,Colorado. The first day the interviews were through the preliminary levels in human resources and the department manager where I would be working. Most questions were traditional where conversational responses were fitting,yet a few S.T.A.R.S. answers were used, which resulted in me going to the next level of interviews the following day. 

The second day was filled with meeting multiple managers who asked behavioral interviewing questions to see if I was a team player, had experience in all facets of the position, and that I was an independent problem solver. S.T.A.R.S. helped me to answer their questions in a clearly consistent manner that also resulted in leaving meaningful stories with each one of the managers. Therefore, when they were asked why they thought I would be the right person for the job they had a story that I told them that they could quote as proof why I was their pick for the position.

The final day was not a full day, but it was the most challenging day. I began with interviewing with the Chief Operations Officer who did not like the company that I had come from because of her experience with them. However, after an hour and a half interview that started out uncomfortable, it was turned around with the S.T.A.R.S. method.  She offered me the job.

Yes, we are celebratingAmerica’sIndependencetoday. However, I wanted to celebrate with you by sharing this life-long reliance method that will help you sparkle when called upon to shine before a crowd or in an interview.

Speak on S.T.A.R.S.!


May Your unfailing love rest upon us. O LORD, even as we put our hope in You.                  ~ Psalm 33:22