As Christian communicators, we don’t need to be speaking to twenty people or a full auditorium to make an impact. In fact, we don’t need to be doing all of the speaking to be known as a meaningful speaker! An impact filled moment can take place in small groups or even in a one-on-one exchange where we as the official speaker do little speaking. 

I’ve found with large or intimate groups, I receive more positive feedback as a speaker when I create a comfortable environment and establish a platform for every one to have an opportunity to speak.  Here’s an example:

 Hosting a mid-morning tea at the end of my ladies’ Bible study in the fall and spring is a pleasure. There can be as few as 12 women or over 30 sitting in my living room balancing teacups and treats. 

 After we have sampled the sweets and sipped a couple of cups of teas, I ask an ambiguous question. Usually, I’ll be the first to answer with my own story to put the ladies at ease. Yet on occasion, I’ll call on one who I know has an insightful answer to share. 

One question makes for a delightful and informative platform is “What did Jesus do in your life that you would like to brag about today?”  Another question that women of God enjoy answering is, “When did you feel you were under a deluge of Christ’s love?” I like answering this one: “In your life, where has God taken your weaknesses and made you strong?” Every woman has a story to tell. 

 So often, it’s the women who’ve not shared much during the actual study who open up. They’re the ones moving us to both tears and laughter. These quiet souls seem to lack the confidence to speak-up, but they can! They did! They just needed the space and a set-up to voice their experience, passion, and praise. 

 Let’s remember when we’re the official speaker at an event, regardless of size or setting, unexpected blessings await when we give others the opportunity to share the spotlight.  We can be meaningful messengers without doing all of the talking. 

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 Do you have any tried and true questions that you have found that brings God praise and cause people to speak up?  If so, would you please share with us in the comment box below? Thank you.


 May all who seek You rejoice and may those who love Your salvation always say, “Let God be exalted!”         ~   Psalm 70:4