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Imagination is the greatest gift God has given us and it ought to be devoted entirely to Him. Learn to associate ideas worthy of God with all that happens in Nature – the sunrises and the sunsets, the sun and the stars, the changing seasons, and your imagination will never be at the mercy of your impulses, but will always be at the service of God.         ~ Oswald Chambers, February 11

 I saw a column rainbow in the clouds yesterday! No arch in the colored ribbons that were glowing softly as if behind an open window draped in clouds of gray and dusty white.

My hands automatically relaxed as I held onto the steering wheel. I was driving to a destination of service.

With my eyes wide open, my spirit praised God for His beautiful and live painting before me. My mind quickly wandered to how many on this country road with me saw what God put on display.

“Look and see, people! God’s glory is here,” escaped from my mouth as the car ahead stopped for a left hand turn.

As I pressed the gas pedal to regain speed, the cloud-framed window picture changed from a column rainbow to a transparent ball of colored beams. My heart raced faster than the accelerated gas-guzzling car. I was energized.

But God wasn’t finished showing off.

The rainbow melted away as a laser yellow-white beam peeked from the right corner of the porthole. Quickly, it grew and filled the whole space. I continued my drive with the live action taking place in front of my dashboard.

Then the light melted all the clouds away. I could no longer look at the show for the brightness of the radiance hurt my eyes. Lowering the sun visor, I continued on my journey to serve without pay.

God gave me more than pocket change, even before I did anything. He gave me a picture of His promise as seen in a rainbow column and His presence in melting away clouds.          

Serving Him is beyond a pay check. He gives gifts that fill my heart with amazing moments like this unexpected delight.

Were these moments of a live canvas in the sky just for me? No, it wasn’t.  I was blessed because I looked up.

My prayer during that experience was, Bless those who looked up, Lord. May they too have enjoyed Your beauty on display. Thank You for showing off now and then so we can take heart in You always keeping Your promises. Amen.

 Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember My covenant between Me and you and all living creatures of every kind…             ~ Genesis 9:14-15a

Look up!


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