Almost a full year after the death of our infant daughter, I went to a women’s seminar at our church. My body had healed, and my heart had mended. However, my spirit still had some down days.

The seminar was God’s Pattern for Enriched Living: Discussing the Roles of Women as Persons, Wives, Mothers. Verna Birkey was our speaker-teacher. As an ambassador for the Lord, she was the inspiration He used to change my life.

In those two days, her teaching lifted up my spirit and ignited a desire in my soul. Before the close of the event, while Ms. Birkey was speaking, I closed my eyes and said a silent prayer.  God, You’ve been so good to me. Lord, You’ve walked beside me all the way through this heart wrenching pain. I’m sorry I’ve not been closer to You before Carrie’s death. Father, I want to teach others of Your goodness and how You are with us always when we ask You into our lives. I want to be a speaker-teacher like Verna Birkey. Thank You. Amen.

As tears of joy and release slid down my cheeks, I buried the hidden desire deep in my heart. God heard the buried prayer and grew it into a reality. Like a buried seed with God’s reign, a journey of change began.

God stayed by my side as I struggled and pushed through four years of college as a non-traditional aged student. This meant I was 39 years old when I began college. Getting a diploma was just breaking ground for this sapling with a hidden desire and a whispered prayer.

God had spent years growing me where I was planted. I spoke and taught in corporations, organizations and in higher education. One-on-one I had opportunities to share stories about the glory and grace of God. Yet, I didn’t have a Christian based platform. In those years, I did bear some fruit.

However, it wasn’t until I thought my productive life was over that God physically moved me to new ground—from one state to another. In this new season, He’s grown more fruit through me.

He planted me where I always wanted to be—in a Christian based community where I could speak, teach, and brag about our Heavenly Father who hears and answers prayers.

He heard my prayer. He grew me up. He took my desire to speak and teach to the reality of doing it through Christian Communicators. He took this sad soul from the pew to the Cove to feed His sheep.

He hears whispered prayers. He brings to light hidden desires. He only asks us to call on Him.

~ ~ ~

What prayer is God answering for you? What’s your whispered prayer?

Pray on!

The One who calls you is faithful and He will do it.      ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:24