Here at Christian Communicators we’re preparing to post our first listing of speakers who have completed our speakers training program and graduated from the Christian Communicators Conference. In order for graduates to be listed on the website, they must have all their media materials ready for presentation to event planners.

As we looked over the materials, Carolyn and I saw some areas we needed to discuss, so I’m passing them on to you today. Here are six questions to consider as you choose your Christian speaker headshots.

  • Is it inviting? Your speaking headshot is not the time to experiment with a mysterious, theatrical look. Instead of saying, “Look at how creative I am,” it should say, “Come, have a seat. We have a lot to talk about” or “Join in the fun!”
  • Is it a recent shot? In other words, do you still look like that? I often land at airports where I’ve never met the person who’s picking me up. It can be a little uncomfortable looking around, hoping you see someone who knows they’re looking for you. One time I landed in Canada and a precious lady came up to me and said, “Thank you for sending a photo that actually looks like you. You wouldn’t believe how many times people use headshots that must be 15 years old. I look at the photo and then look at the person and have no idea they’re one in the same!”
  • Is the background or your clothing or hair overpowering your face? People want to see you. They don’t want to be distracted by busy interference.
  • Are the colors good for you? Put me in orange and I look sick. Olive green and I’m washed out. Know what your best colors are and then use them to your advantage. And if you want to know what color choices can say about you, be sure to check out Carolyn’s Purposeful Color Choice Series.
  • Is it really a headshot? Yes, there are times that you will want different poses, including full or ¾ length. But a true headshot is a shot primarily of your head, head and shoulders, or head, shoulders, and chest.
  • Do you have other photos? Although the headshot should include the details above, don’t limit yourself to that one photo. Once you book the event, it’s a good idea to send a few other options in photos. That way the event planner can use the one that goes best with their advertising layout.

Your headshot will likely be the first thing event planners see. What does your photo say about you? Does it invite an event planner to make a connection? Be sure your headshot says, “Call me. I have something exciting to share with your ladies.”

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms. 1 Peter 4:10

Grace and peace,