With the holidays over, I thought there would be days for just sitting and sipping tea, enjoying my time with God and His Word. Yet the whirlwind hasn’t stopped. It only changed direction.

This week, my hubby has kissed me several times in a day. It’s either to welcome me home or after saying, “Be safe. I’ll see you when you get home,” as I’m ready to rush out the door. The “to do” list replaced the shopping list.

Like a tornado, I’ve been spinning through the closet grabbing whatever was ready to go. I put on makeup with a little light and rake a comb through my hair. For weeks now, I’ve rushed to “do” a devotion and pray for what is on my prayer list. Then I fly out the door into the dark before dawn.

But this morning, I had a date with Jesus. With a cup of tea, I just sat in my devotional spot, sipping in silence. I was just “being” in Christ’s presence. Really, I was “doing” nothing other than listening to the peace that Christ brings.

When my tea cup sat empty; my spirit was full. The pause in Christ’s presence was a comfy shelter with the whirlwind still blowing, but not even a ruffling of a hair touched me. My date with Jesus – sitting in silence – was a renewal.

Today at ten o’clock, I have a date with my hubby. All that needs to be done personally and professionally can continue to spin, howl, and kick up dust; I’m keeping this date. Together, he and I will be pausing in silence, sitting side-by-side, drawing strength from one another by just “being” and not “doing.” Yes, we may hear the wind blow, but being covered under the wing of God, our gray hairs won’t get messed.



Try pausing in Christ’s presence without a journal, the Bible, or any other thing. Enjoy a date in silence sitting with Him. Be renewed in showing your love who you want to be with most of all.


Uplifting blessings,


 He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.    ~ Psalm 91: 4