This time of year nature is showing off her fall colors. Her tones right now are orange, brown, crimson, gold and evergreen. They are warm colors that create a multitude of emotions in the viewers.

Nature speaks with the color she wears in each season. Her silent delivery speaks meaningful messages for those who take time to look. Her colorful display causes emotions to stir within the viewer.

When nature dresses in her springtime best she chooses refreshing pastels in hopes that people respond with a feeling of renewal. Bold colors are her picks for summer since it’s a time for growing. Yet fall is when she reveals her true warmth and friendliness. But her winter wear takes people captive with its cold palette of emptiness.

With the analogy of nature and the effects the colors of the seasons have on people, it is my goal to show how speakers can influence an audience with clothing color choices. Here are a few personal examples of color picks and the effects I hope to accomplish with the choices.

When I’m speaking at a Mother/Daughter tea with a desire to create a soothing environment, my picks are in the pastels or breezy blues. These friendly colors set the stage for open communication and perhaps a giggle or two.

Yet, when I deliver a presentation at a state workforce advisory board meeting, I put on dark power colors, like nature. Blacks and navies are authoritative colors.

However, when my role is one of silent support, then, like nature in winter, I’m wrapped in quiet qualities of gray.

And yes, there are times when vibrant colors are needed to create excitement, vitality, and fun in a group. Therefore, following natures lead, only summer colors will do for a day full of activity.

The Purposeful Color Choice Series will share discoveries based on research of color psychology and how our color choices impact others’ beliefs, behaviors and moods. This series is not about what color will make you look more beautiful. Instead, it will help equip you in deciding what to wear in different settings, with multi-cultures, and the perception you want to project.

Nature adorns color with purpose and effect for each season. As effective speakers, we can do the same by knowing the silent codes of color choices to match our message and build a receptive rapport with our audience before we speak.

She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.

                                                                                    Proverbs 31: 25

Happy Thanksgiving,