A week of wonder and wonderful women came October 24, 2011. It was a week where Vonda and I hosted another Christian Communicators (CC) conference at Lake Keowee, SC, in order to educate, validate, and launch 21 women in their speaking ministry. Barriers were broken, purpose statements were created, and a life-long sisterhood of support was woven together.

Then a treasure came in the mail yesterday…a hand-written thank you card from one of the ladies. It was a double delight. The front of the card had a teapot, two teacups, flowers, and lace. All spoke to my “girly-girl” heart. However, it was her words that touched my soul with affirmation and encouragement.

A card is a jewel that I like to put on display for me, for the sender, and for guests who join me in my office. It is also a gem that goes into a treasure box to be pulled out on gloomy days, discouraging days, or days of crushed confidence.

When I worked at the University of North Texas, each semester would find me filling the slats of the window blinds in my office with thank you cards from students, faculty, and corporate partners. These cards were more beautiful than any curtain. Over the years, I enjoyed watching how each contributor would search the stuffed blinds for their card. They enjoyed seeing it on display, too. It was my simple way of showing appreciation of their thankfulness.

With each new semester, I would gather all the hand-written cards and put them in a keepsake box. Later, these boxes moved with me from Texas to South Carolina. They are gifts that can’t be tossed away or deleted with a quick push of a button. The authors are the true gems with their voices echoing in ink of memories and moments shared.

As the reservation coordinator and office manager of THE GREENHOUSE, the health and beauty spa associated with Neiman Marcus in Dallas, I received a Christmas card from Princess Grace of Monaco. Eager to share it with everyone on staff, I posted it on the bulletin board.  How disappointed I was when it was taken within minutes of posting. It was taken but not forgotten, because of the personal graciousness sent by the giver.

So when the first hand-written thank you card from the CC conference came, I set it on my desk to be enjoyed. The sender lives too far away to stop by and see it being displayed. However, the writer is as beautiful to me as any princess of grace. Her written words are diamonds that will shine on any gloomy day.

You show that you are a letter from Christ…written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God,
not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts.  2 Corinthians 3:3

Write on,